Amber Tamblyn Speaks Out in New Op-Ed After James Woods Called Her Accusations ...

Amber Tamblyn is done not being believed. In a passionate New York Times op-ed published online Saturday, the 34-year-old actress fired back a those who question women's accounts of harassment, abuse and sexual assault at the hands of men — while ......mehr

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Amber Tamblyn: I'm Done With Not Being Believed

When I was 21, I went into the office of a producer of the television show I was starring in to discuss a big problem. By this point I had been acting for more than a decade, and the show was very successful and beloved. Still, I was nervous about ......mehr

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Amber Tamblyn pens 'NYT' op-ed on sexual harassment: 'I'm done with not being ...

An online debate about relationships between people with age differences snowballed into something much bigger for actress Amber Tamblyn, leading to a new op-ed piece in the New York TImes. The essay follows up James Woods' response to comments ......mehr

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Amber Tamblyn addresses harassment in op-ed after exchange with James Woods

In a powerful op-ed published by The New York Times this weekend, actress Amber Tamblyn addresses her experience with harassment in Hollywood, and why she's "done" with others not believing her. The essay was written in the wake of a recent Twitter ......mehr

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