Sammy Sosa's appearance gets even more peculiar

In 2009, former MLB slugger Sammy Sosa appeared at a music awards show sporting a much lighter complexion than he had just months earlier. The puzzlement grew so loud that Sosa went on Spanish-language television to deny that he was either sick or ......mehr

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The lighter, lighter, lighter side of Sammy Sosa

The lighter, lighter, lighter side of Sammy Sosa. Former slugger Sammy Sosa. Photos of former Cubs and White Sox slugger Sammy Sosa. Teddy GreensteinContact ReporterChicago Tribune. A recent Comcast SportsNet poll asked viewers whether the Cubs ......mehr

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Sammy Sosa luce irreconocible en nuevo vídeo

Usuarios de las redes sociales no han tardado en manifestar su asombro tras ver la nueva imagen de Sammy Sosa, ex estrella de béisbol de las Grandes Ligas. El ex pelotero de los Chicago Cubs apareció con su piel mucho más clara en un vídeo de ESPN ......mehr

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Sammy Sosa luce diferente en entrevista

El expelotero dominicano Sammy Sosa hizo noticias por su apariencia física nuevamente. Se trata de que su rostro cambió a un color blanco. En una entrevista reciente con la cadena ESPN, Sosa salió y las personas se dieron cuenta del cambio....mehr

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Twitter adjusts its hue-mor to pink in honor of Sammy Sosa's peculiar new look

Seeing a celebrity come back into the public eye after a long hiatus is a bit like seeing the weird family member that moved to the West Coast to "find themselves" after four years. Seeing Sammy Sosa come back into the public eye after a hiatus is like ......mehr

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From Black to White: Why Sammy Sosa and Others Are Bleaching Their Skin

Sammy Sosa was a just a glowing brown-skinned boy when he first stepped on the baseball field as a new member of the Texas Rangers in 1989. The bright-eyed Dominican Republic native was barely 21-years-old when he came to the United States as a ......mehr

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Sammy Sosa's latest change in appearance draws speculation

“I'm not trying to be Michael Jackson,” Sosa told Polihronis, in reference to the late musician's change in skin color. In addition to lighter skin, images of Sosa have shown him with blue eye contacts, as opposed to the brown he naturally had. A new ......mehr

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Sammy Sosa status update: Yep, he's officially entered the Upside Down

Sammy Sosa is back on social media and looking like he's about to fight some demagorgans in the Upside Down. More. It's November, so now seems as good a time as any to check in on Sammy Sosa's status: Just seen this on my IG feed and I swear, I hope ......mehr

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Sammy Sosa's White Skin Has Twitter Freaking Out (Again)

When baseball legend Sammy Sosa was spotted in London, the former Chicago Cubs player looked lighter than ever. Back in July, the 48-year-old made headlines for appearing with significantly whiter skin. Born in the Dominican Republic, Sosa had ......mehr

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Why does Sammy Sosa looks so different? Rapper TI has a theory

There's no lack of opinions in the baseball world about Sammy Sosa — the ex-Cubs slugger whose home-run records have been mired by performance enhancing drugs allegations for years. But Sosa is apparently even the target of criticism from the hip-hop ......mehr

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